Will the Waste.i.am

A prolonged absence from blogging has given yours truly the opportunity to once again collect all the sadness that’s in the world.

My tweeting exploits, owing to my WordPress mini-boycott, have gained both acclaim and pace. I’m pretty sure I’ve evaded ‘Twitter Gaol’ rather well. 1,000 tweets per day and they metaphorically throw away the keys.

Being one who gives to receive, I like to think that @SarcasticRover is my personal reward for my unleashing of Tweeting loveliness…. It makes me laugh.

For those who do not follow this parody account…. Why the hell not?
Sarcastic Rover is a joke account that pokes fun at the beautiful irony that is the fact that Earth sent an ‘Ufo’ up to the red planet. I’m pretty sure War of the Worlds promised us that it’d be the other way around?!?!

But today’s point holds no humour. Having recently discovered that the Curiosity Rover (to give it’s correct and non-joking name) holds but 8GB of memory, I was appalled to hear that the first song to be played on Earth’s sister planet [citation needed] was that of Will.i.am!

Aside from this being a musical (and human) tragedy, the reason I mention the mere 8GB memory is worryingly obvious. Why the hell waste around 7 important MB on the former Black Eyed Peas singer? Considering the Rover needed rebooting upon landing because there was not enough room in its memory for basic movement, what a massive waste of space?

Welcome back to my blogs. And as Yoda himself put it…. “Pissed-off.i.am!”

Robotic smiley face 🙂


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