So how much is all this?

As previously mentioned in a previous blog…. previously, my lack of love towards blogging lately has given me the opportunity to read up on some giggle-worthy stories that make me…. erm…. giggle!

In shopping news (brace yourselves), I read recently that ‘3 for 2’ and ‘BOGOFF’ offers are confusing to consumers.

Is it your anti-capitalist views that fuel your apparent misunderstanding? If so, get a grip!
I’m fully aware that capitalist corporations are obviously still increasing profit margins by producing these offers, but at least, for the most part, they save us a few pennies once in a while.
Personally I don’t care about offers – I’ve always supposed that saving a few quid in one place has been balanced out somewhere else…. Like when I spent £49 on a Welsh dictionary that is now largely available online…. Free! But I digress….

Whether you are interested in said offers or not, surely you wouldn’t find it confusing? Hmm!

No…, it can’t be your ideology. So maybe your youth?
Taking a leaf from Mr Gove’s life manual, I’ve decided to be a tw*t and blame education for this shopping-aisle misunderstanding!
But unlike Mr Gove, I blame not the system…. I blame those receiving the wondrous beauty that is education.

If you’re struggling to decide what ‘3 for 2’ means and are found baffled by BOGOFF, you probably should have listened a little more in school!

To be fair, I don’t really like BOGOFF myself. As I’ve said, it’s not that I’m displeased with the offer itself, I guess I’m just not too fond of the acronym.
I’ve gone for one myself which is slightly more welcoming, shall we say?

Good education teaches students to understand fair finance every day!


Smiley face 🙂


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