Get me someone else’s shoes…. YOLO!

I’m sure many are aware of the recent social networking craze known as ‘YOLO!’…. No? Well I’m told by my often over-enthusiastic students that it stands for ‘You Only Live Once.’ I’m rather a fan of this idea that people recognise mortality and realise that nobody on this planet shares the same life-span as say James Bond (who only lives twice, of course) or, erm, cats!

The part that annoys me is when the term is used to emphasise stupidity…. which, from my scanning of Facebook and Twitter of late, seems to be all too common place.

“I’ve just shaved my eyebrows and put some henna-like substance in their stead…. YOLO!” or….

“Ladies and gentlemen I am officially with child at 15…. YOLO!”

Now granted, said youngsters may not embark on ensuring their grammar is as correct as one would like, but for use in today’s blogging exploits, those are in fact made-up (ha) examples of what these smaller people say.

How the f**k does that warrant your YOLO? I have no idea how one can compare the bringing of a life into the world whilst said soon-to-be-mother is but a child herself with, I don’t know, jumping from a plane for charity or volunteering in a famine-stricken African nation. Please, dear readers, sympathise and sense my annoyance! It is incredulous and unbelievable that our youth see such madness in a tiny phrase.

On the flip side of the coin of disbelief, I also find it hard to share the shoes of those truly in need too. All through our lives we are told of atrocities and disasters that plague the lives of the innocent and are asked whether we ourselves can sympathise with such damning pain and sorrow. Personally, I’ve never been able to.

As a quick and topical example; Hillsborough. Yes it’s fantastic that justice can finally see the light of day and the flames of hope and rememberance have banished the darkness of disgrace, but can we truly put ourselves in the shoes of those who never came home? Can we actually imagine the [avoidable] suffering that caused ninety-six football fans to never return home?

Listening, as per usual, to my national radio service this soggy morning, I heard a Save The Children representitive talking about the atrocities faced by children and young people in Syria recently. Now I’m not asking for you to visit Syria and see how best you can help out. Neither am I asking for you to study the politics behind the events. I’m not asking you to donate money nor hours of your time (YOLO after all, huh?). But just think for moment.

You want to know what YOLO is?…. Get a f**king life first, then we’ll talk!

Smiley face 🙂



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