Remain calm…. I have an iPhone

A nice, short moan today….

For never wanting to be that guy with the iPhone, I pledged to refrain from their purchase!
A few years later and I blog to you from my iPhone 4S that can talk, give directions and perform computery-like tasks I could easily complete from any laptop!

Did I mention it can talk?


Putting iPhone screen protectors on is like being the Doctor…. The TARDIS ideally needs more than one man to fly it, but my word, it CAN be done alone both correctly and efficiently if you try!

Similarly, I’m guessing the manufacturers of said screen protectors place tiny cameras in their products so they can peek and laugh at the poor sod concentrating as much as doing yoga with maths equations attempting to line up the sticky plastic cover perfectly.

Ok so maybe that’s a bit weird. Placing cameras in £2-for-4 iPhone screen covers to peek on unsuspecting victims. I would however like to draw your attention to the ever-optimistic George Orwell’s novel, 1984!

Moving swiftly on to my eventual, yet largely un-moraled conclusion….
I am as good as, if not better than the Doctor! Flying an imaginary police box into the timey-wimey gunge that is space is simple compared to putting this bleeding, sodding, probably-not-even-gonna-help screen protector on.

Smiley-cum-concentrating-cum-angry face 🙂

My iPhone can talk!


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