Your eyes will go square!

This is the first page of results from a Google search. The reason I stumbled upon it was for use with lesson planning. The search I entered was ‘Sports Games.’ Then…. I cried.

Due my profession, I’d like to ask you why you think I wept upon seeing this in front of me on my laptop screen. I think it would be rather interesting to see what you guys make of it.


Ok, so we’re not in class now…. and frankly, if I keep pretending I am, I’m more than likely going to come across even more patronisingly than I usually do.

Do you notice how many involve computer gaming rather than real sports? Well of course you do now I’ve told you!

When I was a child, the hills were our PlayStations. Our X-Boxes (correct plural, Mr Gates?) were the fields. We’d make dens from broken branches and fallen leaves. If we didn’t turn up home one afternoon covered in mud and soaked to the bone from being out with our friends, our parents would get ever-so-slightly worried and ask if anything was wrong.

Today, kids are different to the way we were. They talk more. Don’t get me wrong it’s brilliant to know they communicate and enjoy sharing feelings and opinions about their world but not when all they talk about are mindless boy-bands destined to fail and computer games that cost £50…. That could feed a poverty-stricken village for a f*cking week!

Yet I can merely put my slant on the present outlook…. not change it. It’s nigh-on impossible to change the hearts and minds captured by gaming. Even I myself became a slave to various games. In truth, I guess I still do. Each and every summer holiday from teaching promises a new ‘Football Manager’ instalment…. Which are exactly the same every year except Torres now plays for Chelsea…. Arsehole! But I shall hold back my bitterness to put forth one last point.
I wonder if a conversation between parents years ago went as follows: “For crying out loud, they’re on that bloody Monopoly again!”…. Doubt it!

So ladies and gentlemen, today I place the blame for our unforgiving and failing youth. I blame Google….

To be fair, if it wasn’t for Google I’d never have written this blog! A largely poor reason but don’t we always blame the bigger boys? That’s what I did when we once started a fire in my back garden using non-virtual and flammable items…. outside…. in the fresh air….

Smiley face with non-square eyes! 🙂


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