Beware! This is a nocti one!

Personally I wouldn’t read this…. Ignorance is bliss, after all!


Which nation has suffered more directly because of the English? Sounds like a paltry dissertation question for a degree in being an awkward and arsey anarchist, doesn’t it?

However…. I Googled it. As one does! Coupled with both a link (so you can have a read of, in particular, gentleroger’s response yourselves) and a senseless whine (courtesy of yours truly) to follow.

But you know me…. I look for what is NOT written and recorded as well as that which is included. Reading between the lines, if you will?
For me, the response to the question, however detailed and enlightening, epitomises the greedy English influence on people’s history – the writer himself also gives the impression of a blissful lack of awareness towards Cornish atrocities!

In his book, Cornwall’s Historical Wars: A Brief Introduction, former Grand Bard of the Gorseth Kernow [i], Rod Lyon too (aka Tewennow) discusses his discoveries on a history not mentioned in educational text books perched on classroom shelves. This is the missing Cornish story.

And here also is my assessment on the contemporary use of the Cornish language after a four-day visit to the duchy! How to Sell a Nation! [ii]

But it isn’t just the Cornish and Welsh Britons who have received (and continue to receive) this treatment. At least they only lost their diminutive cultures and traditions. Other countries overseas have seen their national identity as well as their lives ripped away by British troopers as easily as stealing candy from a baby…. or to paraphrase the expression in its British English variant, like borrowing tea from India. Ok so I made that up…. Get over it!

The Malvinas (or Falkland Islands) have been disputed with regards to ‘ownership’ for many years culminating recently in a BBC-pressured series of programming devoted to ‘celebrating’ the deaths of human beings who never returned home. It may be damning to reflect further into this too. Here’s a point; Britain is the only conglomeration of nations in Europe to invite (or to be gate-crashed by) the armed forces into schools to administer propaganda-driven job opportunities to our little ones. They even make British Army dolls now. I wonder what their reception would be should the British government teach true British history? A real and factual history from which I shall attempt to shave the bristles of ignorance later.
Furthermore with regards to the BBC, I heard someone on [BBC] Radio Cymru refer to the media giants as the British Brainwashing Corporation due to recent events in London this year as well as the Jubilee. It made me chuckle but it didn’t half come up against some nasty opposition. I suppose it’s now frowned upon for not wanting to be British. Even fashion is going union-flag mad! Thanks to famous people paid millions to put a bunch of red, white and blue on themselves, we’re all going insane for British!

But I digress and therefore head back to my international point. The Irish haven’t always met eye-to-eye with their ‘buddies’ from across the sea to the east either. Doing my annoyance-filled rounds of the internet’s delightful search engines (and after listening to a chorus from a Wolfe Tones song – cum hoc ergo propter hoc et cetera….); I managed to surf by a petition site called Care2 [iii]. What follows is a quotation from a particular petition ‘Calling for a Historical Investigation of British Atrocities’:

“The British government, through their actions, or lack of actions have caused the deaths of more than a million civilians, during the “Irish Potato Famine”, and other atrocities as well. Similar actions were taken in other countries throughout the world. It is time for their actions to be made public for all to see!”

See, I told you it wasn’t just me with these ideas. There are more of us! I’ve always wanted to say something like that. It makes me feel accepted, ya’ know?

Coming closer to home, I have decided to share with you the true extent of the hard-gripping British hold on Wales. It’s time for me to come clean and put my money where my mouth is! What’s this business of (formerly) placing ‘Pleidiol wyf i’m Gwlad’ (Devoted am I to my Country) on an English pound coin? “Here you go, Wales. Spend our money to make us richer…. It’s got your funny words on it!”
Incidentally when said coins were in circulation and before Bernard of Chartres’ quotation (Standing on the Shoulders of Giants) graced the £2 coin, the only two languages found on British coinage were Latin and Welsh. Doesn’t that just make you feel awesome?! No…. Does it bollocks!

But it was also our English chums [proposed, in fact, by a man of Welsh birth] who said the following after a highly-flawed yet uncontested treachery instilled on Welsh education. This is one of the conclusions drawn from the Blue Books’ report on the Welsh language within education in 1847 with quotation take from The Story of Wales by Jon Gower:

The Welsh language, it was concluded, was the main cause of these profound failings [in the Welsh education system]. Jellinger Symons’s [along with three other English commissioners; R. R. W. Lingen, and H. R. Vaughan Johnson] devastating critique is oft-quoted and no less lacerating for that:

‘”The Welsh language is a vast drawback to Wales, and a manifold barrier to the moral progress and commercial prosperity of its people. It is not easy to over-estimate its evil effects. It is the language of the Cymri, and anterior to that of the ancient Britons. It dissevers the people from intercourse which would help advance their civilization, and bars the access of improving knowledge to their minds. As proof of this, there is no Welsh literature worthy of the name.” Nonconformity was labelled as the other root cause’

Personally, I believe the best way to understand how easily Welsh people are manipulated into believing in Blighty-full harmony is to look at arguably our best musical export – The Stereophonics. I love the way we’re silently told to keep our differences solely for the Millennium Stadium’s hallowed turf:

“We don’t wanna be your enemy, but when we’re on the field it’s red, white and green.” [iv]

Playing to the hearts and minds of the egg-chasing idiots beyond the Marches by talking about rugby. Classic! And in other ‘Phonics news, their latest song ‘Get Back Down the Mines, you sheep-shagging idiots!’ is promising to go straight to number one in the UK charts by Sunday.

My broad-spectrum boycott of British newspaper media originally stemmed from the fact that I used to openly despise reading. Nowadays, my love of novels and ancient Celtic ex-libris hardbacks means that I now have a fresh excuse to leave the drivel on the supermarket shelf. This time it stems from the fact that they’re simply full of sh*t!

Yet despite this, I’m always one to give things a chance…. Cough!

Here’s another article [v] entitled Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes featured on the Guardian’s website written by Ian Cobain, Owen Bowcott and Richard Norton-Taylor:


‘Thousands of documents detailing some of the most shameful acts and crimes committed during the final years of the British empire were systematically destroyed to prevent them falling into the hands of post-independence governments, an official review has concluded.

Those papers that survived the purge were flown discreetly to Britain where they were hidden for 50 years in a secret Foreign Office archive, beyond the reach of historians and members of the public, and in breach of legal obligations for them to be transferred into the public domain.’

The article, however, does go on to conclude through Dr Ed Hampshire (diplomatic and colonial record specialist at the National Archive) that:

‘ …. the 1,200 files so far transferred from Hanslope Park represented “gold dust” for historians, with the occasional nugget, rather than a haul that calls for instant reinterpretation of history.’

And hence the subtitle of today’s blog – ignorance! See how it all fits in now? And so, from originally ignoring corporate and commercial media to understanding mathematical symbology, here’s today’s point.


To those who deny the sick goings-on behind closed doors of some of the foulest and indescribable sh**e to happen in human history, is it not just as bad to be blissfully unaware (and therefore content) that British people overseas and on ‘home soil’ can be at the helm of concentration camps of their own? Well, some do say that Hitler was an admirer of how the British empire plundered, and later ruled, almost 25% of the known world – I wonder where Adolf gained some of his inspiration to turn a blind eye to events on the Polish borders during the 1930s and ‘40s?!
Is it right, for example, that history breezes over the way black and native Africans were literally stolen from their homes and families by British and Portuguese empire-builders to toil for other people? All British history teaches us about with regards to the slave trade of the 16th-19th centuries is that we’re now all happy that it’s over because these people had a really tough life in places hundreds of miles away from their native lands such as the Americas…. But now it’s all hunky-dory!

To conclude, I’m not asking you to instantaneously transform your outlook on the British royal family and become a die-hard nationalistic republican. I’m sure old Liz is a lovely lady! I merely wish to employ my hardened techniques as a self-confessed serial blogger to relieve the nation of ignorance. And surely that’s the right thing to do…. Right?

Righty-oh, I’m off to read about Wrexham’s next home game in the English league pyramid via the BBC Sport website.

Smiley face 🙂


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