Is it bad luck to open crisps the wrong way up? (Letta 2 me grand kidz)

I’ve been using Facebook since the times when the only persons permitted to its use were those with an university email address. I remember when it was used as a tool to discuss current affairs of the university amongst its soon-to-be immortalised alumni. I remember when it advertised student get-togethers and fellow students could remind each other (often in a largely un-sober and therefore amusing state) about forthcoming deadlines for essays etc.
Now the whole world is invited and it’s rather cool. Various friends who, without the use of this social networking phenomenon, would have been forgotten and neglected are now always there to admit they ‘like’ photos of you dressed as a Flowerpot Man…. or something like that.

But I’ll tell you what does enthuse a chuckle…. all these people with all the weird stati posted all day every day. They aren’t half humorous for readers. In fact, one often questions why the hell people post said things in the first place? For example:

I had eggs for breakfast….

I just waxed my toes….

I’m so drunk I can’t feel my face….

And don’t get me wrong, I’ve posted my fair share of pointless randomness too. Paranoia is then manifested and magnified when remembering the odd photo or ‘tasty’ status could also lose you your job because of it. It’s not unheard of!
Facebook is a weird and dangerous place, people!

Twitter isn’t much more technologically safe but I don’t mind because @UberFacts taught me that after just 100 years there will be a breathtaking (spoiler pun!) 750 million dead people with a profile on Facebook….
What an amazingly insane thing to fathom. By the year 2112, 250 times the current population of Wales will be in possession (is that a pun?) of a Facebook profile online.

But I suppose facts like this will always be mind-boggling until someone thinks about the positive effects of said pieces of information.

These will be our letters to our families when we leave life as a conscious being.
Now, instead of learning about the lives of their ancestors through over-grown grave stones and over-priced family heritage websites, our great-great-great-grandchildren can pop our name into a search and there we are.
To be fair, if you’re writing a status that isn’t funny or interesting, I’m largely going to ignore it or judge you on it…. lol! But what you ate on the 20th October 2012 at 10:30am for breakfast may well be strangely comforting to long-lost relatives who only remember meeting you once because you gave them a bag of sweets and a tennis ball you found in your garden.

So as much as I rant on about people’s pointless ‘abuse’ of Facebook and Twitter because they clog up my feeds, I truly do admire every single little thing you do.
Makes you wonder, though, about those who explain how sloshed they are having left their gorgeous / largely unplanned children with someone called Ruth who seems mildly more responsible than the last baby- sitter they employed.

Happy reading, kids….

I’m off to open a bag of crisps the wrong way up…. Thought you’d all want to know?!?!

Smiley face 🙂


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