An effigy of whatever….

On the 5th November, people across the British Isles will celebrate the fact that a group of men tried to blow up the English houses of Parliament. They will do this by creating a large bonfire (whose traditions derive from Wales and Cornwall [see Coelcerth / Coel Coth]) and placing the effigy of a human male at its peak and burning the lot!

A while back I raised the question about Catholicism and Protestantism with regards to the throne of England and her plundered acquisitions. I questioned why it was now incorrect to place a person of a Catholic stance on that hump of stolen gold in the Jewel House.

Guido (aka Guy) Fawkes also shared this interest in religious / regal debate. To be fair, I personally couldn’t care less who sits at the helm of elitist indoctrination over the peoples of the Commonwealth, my qualm lies with the fact that British people burn an effigy of a man!

Now I’m all for tradition. I love the way ancient beliefs and rituals celebrated by our ancestors can still be upheld today, but are we not instilling and enthusing hatred through celebrating this particular act? I know, kids, let’s burn a man alive! Granted, he was a rather naughty boy, but we’re all but condoning public executions and capital punishment.

Shall we not also uphold the tradition of burning witches? That’s long gone now but I guess James VI (incidentally the same guy who was nearly blown to pieces in 1605) made it all but tradition to burn females convicted of witchcraft in his day. Idiot!

If I’m honest, I’m mildly sad that James wasn’t transformed into smithereens (from the Gaelic term smidiriní meaning fragments) due to the hardship he enforced on the Gáidhealtachd (the Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland) throughout the 16th Century.

Smiley, burnt face 🙂


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