Why always us?

Thankfully, despite the title, this blog refers not to the arse-face that is Mario Balotelli and his apparent inability to recognise why he is such a knob!


I’ve often wondered why large corporations take the full brunt of people’s harsh words. Maybe it’s their secret capitalist agenda….? Or maybe it’s just that they’re popular and so widely accepted.

The companies to which I refer are those who we, the consumers, compare normality. For example; Coca Cola. Their brand is so widely known and loved that any other brands wishing to sell Cola-flavoured goodies are immediately put to the sword by the consumer;

I don’t like this. It doesn’t taste like real Coke!” et cetera.

Now I shall avoid a boring rant asking why it must be Coca Cola who sell the only real variety of Cola to the planet, and move swiftly on to my next point….

McDonalds. Again avoiding the urge to ask whether, in a perfect world, there should be an apostrophe somewhere in the brand name itself, I’d love to know why they are the subject of jokes and mockery. You’ve all heard the headlines…. things along the lines of McDonald’s uses battery chickens or Burger King employ migrant workers before locals or eBay is the most unsafe place to buy a key ring!

Well my guess is it’s plainly because they’re popular and successful. These companies wouldn’t get half the stick they endure if they were mere one-off shops on a dying high street.


Today it has been claimed that English GCSE marks across England, Wales and Cornwall have been marked unfairly because of teachers. It is not because of a poorly-planned overhaul of the state of the education system with regards to English language schooling, but the fault of the teachers who have awarded too healthy a grade when marking coursework.

Without delving into the slippery realms of cynicism and complaining wholeheartedly that teachers are being used as scapegoats for an authoritative c**k-up, I find it incredibly hard to believe that EVERY single English teacher south of Hadrian’s Wall over-marked EVERY single piece of coursework required in the GCSE format courses.

So what can we make of all this? Why are teachers being blamed for this calamity and uncertainty?

Because we’re awesome, that’s why!

Smiley face (wiv correkt english spelin n punkchooashon n gramer) 🙂


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