What’s the point in the Moon? Perspectives etc

Recently I purchased a new app for my ever-reliable Apple devices. The app, StarView, cost around £1.99 and involves the owner of said app searching the sky! The app works out the direction of the device and says what constellations, stars, planets and satellites (natural and man-made) are up there! It’s awesome!
The app also allows one to follow the orbit of certain objects. My illustration below shows the moon!


Now I’ve always been a fan of what’s up above us. Science rocks, after all!
When completing my degree I read of one of the first pieces of written Welsh – which spoke of astrology and the moon’s position at different times of the year. And I’m bound to find anything Welsh-related interesting, right?

My qualm lies, however, with it’s importance! What’s the point in the Moon?

Fine, it has been known to block small rocks / debris hurtling towards to the Earth. Thank you for that, Mr Man-in-the-Moon, by the way!
I’d guess that even Mare Tranquilitatis (woohoo, Latin) was formed by a monstrous object that was attracted to the gravitational pull of the Earth…. But even so, I’m sure the Americans would have sent up some Armageddon-like probe to sort out invading space-dust! Don’t ya’ just loooove the movies?

And ok, it produces light by reflecting from the Sun…. But be fair, we have streetlights now!

And who cares that it decides our tides. Ebbs and flows have been the architects of unexpected deaths since the dawn of time…. Who needs ’em?

Rhiannon, Celtic goddess of the moon…. pffft, I’m sure she’d have found another job. We have Job Centres and everything nowadays.

And maybe it is rather pretty at night. Setting alight the sky that otherwise consists of darkness and flustering stars.

But what really is the point in that cheesy thing floating in the sky…. when she looks at it?

Smiley face 🙂


One thought on “What’s the point in the Moon? Perspectives etc

  1. Without the moon there would be no seasons, no evolution, no life on earth as we know it. It’s a symbol of our very existence. Without it holding our tilting roll so delicately in place we would die.

    Mae’r lleuad yn dduwies yn wir.

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