Please show your / you’re working.

Aside from the grammatical ambiguity of today’s blog title, I wish to make note of the sarcastic comments I’ve been receiving today as a teacher off work (due to the snow, in case you’re reading this from outside Western Europe and wonder if I’m playing truant) whereas others have braved the harsh conditions to earn their bread.

My shower time formerly consisted of singing. Now they contain mass thoughts, much like the one fuelling this very blog.

I also thought of how another man’s job satisfaction – whether he today worked or not – gained a massive boost…. Theo Walcott.
The man now receives £100,000 per week for his services. The present current economic conditions forced me to ask whether he must pay 20% tax on said salary or it has already been deducted.

Now for someone who attempted A-level mathematics, this isn’t an easy thing for me to concede…. but say the £100,000 was post-tax pay, what would his gross pay be? I literally spent the whole time it took washing my comb-over working it out and then got nowhere.

So to prove to all that today has been a productive one for me, I pledge to work it out using this blog. And seeing as it’s maths, I’m going to show my working. See…. Title makes sense now, huh?

Do I take the trial-and-error route here? Surely there’s and easier way?

£128,000 minus 20% for tax would leave £102.400. So that’s not right…. unless the Gunners are paying him a little more for being a good and loyal boy?!

Right, I’m Googling it….

Oh bugger, I’ve just realised. £125,000. Sorry, blond moment! Does he actually earn that much before tax? Hmm, I understand women’s indifference on footballers’ pay now…. A bit, anyway!

Thanks for listening. Back to bed now 😉

Lazy, smiley face 🙂


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