But if I vote yes….

Personally, I wish Wales would follow Scotland’s lead.
To even think of independence is a step in the right direction to prosperity and self sufficiency, whether their 300 years of Westminster influence comes to an end in 2014 or not.

So, from an interested Welshman to a contemplating Scot, here are four ideas I’ve accumulated on the extent of voting Yes;

If you vote yes, the British government can no longer reap the benefits of Scottish North Sea oil. But wouldn’t that make you all seem a tad selfish?

If you vote yes, Britain can no longer choose to TAX income at 20%. You could even end up paying less. But wouldn’t that just make you seem a wee bit pauper-like?

If you vote yes, British flags can’t fly in Scotland. But then people wouldn’t get to see Patrick and George’s crosses aloft your ancient buildings! Wouldn’t that suggest you’re all against multi-culturalism?

If you vote yes, the Gaelic and Scots languages would be even more free to spread their wings in a modern and technological world. But wouldn’t English tourists find that a little antisocial?

Over the next 18 months or so, those who benefit from a corrupt union of nations will feed you with the above information and talking-points.
They will push and pull and push some more so that failed legacies of Olympic competition are made to look ‘in Scotland’s interest’. They will aggravate the psyche into believing a foreign monarch has the Devine right to your prosperity. They will claim that Scotland will die.

I’m not a politician. I am an interested party who has read of revolution and of self-sufficiency. As a Welshman, I fear such a referendum will not touch my lifetime.

But you now have the chance to be your own nation’s heroes. To be a Mel Gibson. He’s a cool guy, right?
You have the right to succeed. You have the opportunity to win by peaceful means. You have the right to tell the world that no longer shall we be puppets. No longer shall we believe that our Scottish sporting heroes must sell-out to a money-bribing TeamGB to achieve fame and glory. No longer need you claim that the Calcutta cup represents a deep friendship.

I recently saw Scotland lose to Wales in a football match. Yet despite me witnessing a decent game of football with some good goals, the part that struck me most were the anthems…. In particular, Scotland’s.

“O Fhluir na h-Alba, cuin a chì sinn an seorsa laoich?”
“O Flouer o Scotland, when will we see Yer like again?”
“O Flower of Scotland, when will we see Your like again?”


Wee smiley face 🙂



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