Pen-blwydd orau erioed

Growing up, I was taught to appreciate everything. If someone has to get off their backside and do something for you, it should be appreciated accordingly.
A pat on the back for doing something good. A helping hand when I wasn’t strong enough to pump my football up. 50p here or there to buy sweets and chocolate. Yep, you could really do that back in my day ;)!

Today I celebrated my 24th birthday.
It actually brought back memories of my blog some 365 days ago when I spoke of Estonians appreciating their mother tongue.
What’s birthday in Estonian?

But today has been different. Today I have enjoyed a day of being spoilt rotten- and as much as, alongside my parents’ teachings of appreciation of anything and everything, being spoilt is rather naughty…. Stuff it. It’s my birthday.

Over the last few days my closest friends have put what can only be described as an inhumane amount of effort and care into making my day wonderful. And that they have.
Doctor Who magazine (complete with do-it-yourself Dalek), Wrecsam scarf and over-sized hand ready for Wembley next weekend, bagels with Philly, wine (rosé, of course), various Liverpool FC goodies and heaps of lovely cards.

And as explained previously, as much as I now struggle to find the correct and apt wording to describe how fantastically amazed and blown-away I am, I genuinely appreciate everything.

Despite this…. you all lose!
Again taking nothing away from how brilliant my gifts and messages of good will and friendship are, you cannot top this:


Smiley, old-man face 🙂



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