God Save The Gracious Queen

Who’s got the bug, then? You’re unlikely to be forgiven if not!

Over the past 18 or so months we’ve all had royalty smashed down our throats. From a royal appearance at the Olympic Games, a Jubilee celebration and a coronation anniversary to an infant born to lead the biggest family of plunderers since the Vikings…. oh that’s right, they descend from Vikings!

It’s all very ‘British,’ they tell us. To sip at tea and munch on cake at a street-party whilst sending blessings to a monarch who’s lineage has ravaged the poor (and continues to do so) throughout the last millennium. Pomp and ceremony. British.

I doubt, like many, that I’d be forgiven for not celebrating the birth of a child into a life of state-stolen riches while millions…. literally millions crawl for water and cry for crumbs. Oh, the beauty of ignorance-driven denial.
So, in the instance of pompous elitism, I’m jumping on the Queen’s golden bandwagon. Here’s my take on our dear, old Liz and her crew….

I like to think of royalty as a business, and all their descendants and ancestors as shareholders. Each with a divine rite to a say in the running of the realms.
A delve into my family history recently has led me to the startling knowledge that I am a descendant of Robert the Bruce of Scotland – of Bannockburn and Braveheart fame – who himself can trace his bloodline to the current English monarchy. I guess that makes me a shareholder, right?
And as an esteemed shareholder, I hereby demand that Cymru be reinstated as an independent and sovereign land in her own right.


Good day, olde chaps

Smiley face 🙂


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