Egni a lwydd

Hands up who’s wondering why this latest blog shares its title with the motto of my former secondary school!

I’ll just presume all hands are aloft….

We were always taught in school that we get out what we put in. It’s an idea I like to install into the minds of the young people I have the pleasure to teach each and every day.

Egni a lwydd…. Effort brings success.

But what about in a general sense outside of the world of education? Personally, I don’t think any truer words have been spoken. Maybe words of equal worth and demeanour, but none more true.

No matter the goal set for success, no matter the obstacles hindering the path; effort will always succeed.

But why am I entrusting such a moral upon you? Well…. I saw an advertisement on the internet!

For the first time in at least 6 months since proclaiming an abstinence from McDonald’s’ fast food, a 3-second advertisement filled me cravings for those skinny, empty shells they call ‘fries.’

To clarify, I have no other reason for abstaining from eating McDonald’s’ food than the fact they’re a corporate disgrace interested in profits before the respect that should be shown to food – a global necessity.
(This is all rich coming from someone who still visits KFC once in a while).

Now my craving could be simply because I’m waiting for my breakfast but it has got me thinking….

It does take genuine effort to not give in to the ‘pull’ of a fast food store. Awfully tempting. But I will succeed.

And like it takes effort to use the Welsh language in ALL walks of life wherever possible (this blog is also available in Cymraeg, by the way). To risk looking like a ‘weirdo’ just for choosing to say ‘diolch’ every time instead of ‘thank you’. To risk losing all my worldly data because my laptop’s error messages no longer contain a word of English. To risk a fulfilled soul knowing my language will not survive.

It takes effort for a family to read to their child after a long day of parenting and working.
It takes near-death energy levels for a creature to break from a shell or a cocoon.
It takes effort and energy to travel that extra mile to buy local produce instead of supermarket cr*p.
It takes effort to not watch the television – which is owned by capitalist idiots who only broadcast what they want you to think.
It takes effort for the moon to pull the seas.
It takes effort for an addict to put down an addiction.
It takes effort to apologise.
It takes effort to admit when one is wrong.
It takes effort for me to write this blog – knowing that most readers will find it easier and less effort-consuming to simply laugh off the ideas I present above.

History is littered with various quotations by the world’s greatest success stories paraphrasing the title of this blog. It may take a little effort to find them all. But success will come. To those who see time as a chance to manifest energy and effort. To those who can wait.

Patient and energetic smiley face 😀


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