Dadosod olion Tŵr y Jiwbilî o ben Moel Famau / Remove the remains of the Jubilee Tower from Moel Famau

Aside from being an eye-sore, many easily-manipulable people are too docily content with the fact that a ruined tower, dedicated to a foreign monarch, rots atop one of the most iconic and legendary peaks in North-East Wales.


Flawed from its planning stages, the tower has never gained local support over its 200-year pitiful existence and something needs to be done.

Throughout the course of its sorry time atop Moel Famau, the Jubilee tower has been nothing but an eye-sore and a waste of local money and resources.
In 2014, it even accommodated the queen’s baton relay for the Commonwealth / Empire Games in Glasgow dragging hundreds of empty-minded locals to its peak to soak up more monarchial and elitist propaganda.

Completely removing the tower will be an act of Welsh resistance to the foreign power that besieges our peoples, language, cultures, traditions and heritage. It will show that no longer will the Welsh people stand by and accept the deceitful and pillaging acts upon their lands. It will show that the Welsh are strong and are no longer willing to uphold the British tag of a colonised people.

Cymru am Byth.


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