Clwb Pêl-droed Wrecsam


Bore da,

The special anniversary kit that will be used by our club this year looks spectacular. A modern twist that glorifies our incredible past.

It will make other clubs stand and stare at our impressive history and afford followers of our great club the chance to revisit everything that’s special about this wonderful club.

But my great pleasure in being a Wrecsam fan comes with two drawbacks. Firstly, the anniversary crest follows the lead our club has taken with regards to visual support of our national language. Aside from the fact our badge parades the feathers of a defeated Wales, the lack of Cymraeg speaks volumes for a lack of community spirit.


This was extended when I noticed that the sponsor on two versions I’ve seen of the new kit show no PRIFYSGOL, but only ‘Glyndŵr University.’


As a life-time Wrecsam fan and a Welsh learner, I find it nothing short of disgraceful that our club can’t take the lead and show how dynamic our bilingual nation can be.
We have the chance at Wrecsam to be the first Welsh club playing in England to harness and combine the beauty of Welshness with the beauty of being a football fan. The beauty of being a Welsh football fan. The beauty of being a Wrecsam football fan.

To not include Welsh on a kit that will be a symbol of our continued vitality and honour for centuries to come is a travesty and will be met with wondering eyes of those who follow our club into the future.

Wrecsam am byth.
Yma o hyd.



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