Open Letter to English (and Cornish) Heritage.

Dydh da,

Living no more than 15 miles from the border, I visit England a lot. In fact, I’ll be boarding a train today all the way from Chester, England to London, England. Cool, huh?

I love Chester as a city. There’s a wealth of history on every corner and even more heritage locked in books and manuscripts. I love the way history is made contemporary and cool by the lovely people there.
And London too. I’ve only ever been to Wembley but I hear the city is quite nice too.

I fully recognise that these two places are in England. Like Glaschu (that’s Glasgow in Gaelic) is in Scotland and Abertawe (that one’s Swansea) is in Wales. It’s just common courtesy.

Lately it seems you’ve been glorifying many landmarks that are not in England under you name. I find this very peculiar.
It’s a tiny bit like Germany glorifying La Tour Eiffel to bring people to Berlin. Or Spain asking people to visit the Spanish steps….
(See what I did there?!)

It seems a mystery to me that English Heritage, a wonderful group with true history at its core, would be so ignorant and appalling to the people and honour of Cornwall.

I noticed, as well as Kastel Penndinas (Pendennis Castle) portrayed as being a lovely English place to visit, that you’ve been using Arthur (a Cornish king) and Merlin (a Welsh wizard known originally as Myrddin) to glorify your group and to make, ultimately, more profit. I find this wrong.

You also mention Cornwall and her potential as a holiday or a retirement home here.

This one’s nice too…. but it’s not in England!

And here too. Thanks for the history, but it’s not English history.

You may also wish to understand that there are Welsh people, Cornish people AND Scottish people living on this island.
When I visited Côr y Cewri (Stonehenge) last year, I was asked by a member of your clan whether I was ‘from or visiting England.’ I was born and live in Wales so my answer was, naturally, ‘I’m visiting.’
I was then presented with an ‘overseas’ leaflet. I don’t think Afon Dyfrdwy (the River Dee) is a sea. Clue’s in the name.

If English Heritage at all feels like a member would like to reply, then don’t.
I don’t need a blubbering apology or a false history lesson claiming Cornwall is part of England or even a plea that they’ll change their bloody name to English and Cornish Heritage (because they do that with Wales in cricket and people don’t like it).
Please don’t ask yourself why I’m compiling this evidence proving how silly you are. The best response I’ve heard is that Wales and Cornwall have small-nation-syndrome and like to pretend we’re bullied by our big, English neighbour.
I’m sure you of all people have read of the English atrocities across millennia. You know why we speak up. And by claiming Cornish heritage for your own profits is a continuation of English colonialism in our nations.

Why not take the lead? Show the rest of the world the Cornwall exists and a nation and that you’re proud to keep a watchful eye over some of said nation’s best treasures. Be the first group to say ‘Cornwall is NOT
England.’ Now there’s publicity!

All I wish is that whichever amongst you currently feels pride in destroying the traditions, language, culture and heritage of Cornwall, kans mil molleth warnas.

Meur ras ha Kernow bys vykken.


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