You accept my challenge? Thanks!

Sialens DIOLCH Challenge
(25 Places to use DIOLCH)

1. In any shop across the British Isles
2. On a ‘thank you’ note / card
3. When leaving feedback for an online shopping site
4. To a bus / taxi driver when they drop you off
5. When someone offers to pay for something for you
6. When someone makes you a brew
7. On a poster for a sports person’s last game
8. On memos to staff at your workplace
9. On articles written for magazines / newspapers
10. To someone who offers you a chip at the beach
11. When texting friends and family
12. When interviewed for television or radio
13. At the end of emails
14. At a bar when receiving drinks
15. When concluding a speech or lecture
16. To people who hold the door for you
17. When someone passes you a parking permit in the car park
18. With anyone who cleans up after you
19. To those who offer to help you with bags etc
20. When receiving gifts at Christmas, birthdays or any other occasions
21. On social media sites like Twitter and Facebook;
22. When someone retweets your tweet / shares your status
23. When a waiter brings you food and drink
24. When someone tells you that you have nice eyes / hair / nostrils

• DIOLCH is the Welsh word for ‘thank you.’
• It’s pronounced DEE-ol-kh. Have a listen to people saying it online.
• It’s extremely rare to find someone in Wales who doesn’t know this word so why not use it too?
• Maybe you could use MEUR RAS in Cornwall?
• Maybe you could use TAPADH LEAT in Scotland?
• Maybe you could use GURA MIE AYD on the Isle of Man?



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