Araith ar gyfer Balchder Cymru – 20/09/2014

P’nawn da. Mae’n bleser enfawr i mi gael siarad efo chi heddiw ar ran y Gynghrair Geltaidd.

It’s a genuine pleasure for me to say a few words on behalf of the Celtic league today.

But it is with a weighted heart I stand before you.

No has beaten Yes. But fear has not beaten hope. And for that, I’m sure we’re all thankful to the people of Scotland.

Today we’re here to celebrate our own path. And celebrate the belief of one man and the bravery shown by those who understood his vision.

Prince Glyndŵr believed in university education for the people of Wales.
He believed in the dignity and pureness of humankind over the greed of oppresive cultures.
He believed that prominent Welsh skills and knowledge were best afforded to teaching the youth of our people.
He believed in a common faith for Wales.
He believed in our Celtic roots – sharing ideas and trust in our Breton, Scottish, Cornish and Irish brothers and sisters.
He believed in a government set up by the people of this land for the people of this land.
And for all this he was branded a rebel and a traitor.

But he has left us with so much.
The fact we are even here today proves that his legacy of belief in our nation is justified, dignified, real and achievable.

Wales now has many universities – one of which sharing its name with Glyndŵr himself.
Welsh knowledge is shared across our nation so that our future is secure in the hands of those to come.
We now see ourselves as part of a Celtic union of tradition and friendship dating back to when Wales traded goods and ideas freely around the emerging European world.
Glyndŵr believed in a Wales for the Welsh – where everyone else was invited and welcome to share in our rich heritage and traditions.

But Glyndŵr’s primary vision of a parliament has never been recognised. And despite the fact we are still here, pursuing this great cause in honour of him and in honour of our children, we remain engulfed and colonised by a nation that has proved across 800 years that it neither comprehends nor respects the dignity and customs of the Welsh people.

We are not second class. We are not backwards. We are not foreigners, and neither will we be when we are an independent nation.
My mother was born and brought up in Cheshire and, although not everyone’s perfect, no one would ever consider her a foreigner.

An independent Wales would keep a welcome in the hillside for all who return or choose to live in our fantastic nation.
An independent Wales would be free to decide what’s best for our diverse needs – and not what sells Wales best as a retirement region and a patch for those Britain doesn’t want.
An independent Wales will have the right to its own water and electricity that is currently stolen and sold back for profit.
An independent Wales will not be a pasture used to feed the machine of a greedy elite – hell-bent on power and money.
An independent Wales will not be funded by another nation on how many people live here, but funded wholly by ourselves for ourselves.
An independent Wales will not lag behind in education and care as it currently does.
An independent Wales will stand firm as a socialist land capable of showing the world that capitalist greed is a poison on this earth.

Glyndŵr believed in an independent Wales. He knew it was our dignity and our destiny. So much so he was prepared to lay down his life for the cause.

Today we need not shed blood as our forefathers did.
Today we need but speak. To converse about our belief in a Wales that was, is and always will be at the cutting edge of change and development.
A country that reaps the benefits of a bilingual populous that shows off its beautiful heritage to a diminishing world that seeks and craves courage, direction and bravery.
Glyndŵr would rather have seen Wales fail as an independent nation than be consistently hammered under the thumb of a foreign monarchy.

Despite blatant positive evidence for an independent Wales, the true value of self-determination for our country is laughed off.

Disregarding population proportions, had the 1,617,989 Yes-voting Scots been Welsh citizens voting on our own independence, we’d have been yesterday toasting a new dawn.

For a day, 50% of the Celtic nations were free. 50% held in their hands the sovereignty of their own nations and destines.

I have no problem with Westminster giving us new powers. I just have a problem with the word ‘giving.’

And as Celts we will not stop. We will not falter nor pity. We will fight. And continue to fight until dignity is achieved across our lands.

Tachair ar latha.
Daw ein dydd.

Diolch yn fawr.


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