“Attention. Fall in line!”

When I was a kid, my brother and I were always rather mischievous. One always blaming the other. Breaking each other’s stuff. Eating each other’s snacks. Bursting each other’s footballs.

Thankfully, nowadays, were a tad more mature…. mostly – but it was always something else that caught my eye during our times of mischief.
Each time my mother would give one of us a huge bollocking for something, the other one of us would be extra good.

“Ok, mum.”
“No problem, mum.”
“Of course, mum.”

As a teacher, I see this happen on a regular basis. One student forgets his or her homework or exercise book, receives verbal punishment, rest of class are silent.
It’s a rather interesting phenomenon that I won’t even begin to analyse psychologically, but I’m more than happy to explain where I believe modern society mirrors this mentality.

Apparently, some dudes are currently dossing around with (incorrect) flags around the Welsh capital this morning. They go by the name of the ‘Welsh Alliance’ (no Welsh translation provided by ‘group’) and are an amalgamation of various fascist groups including the English Defence League. Cool, huh?

Also, as the media (mainly the BBC) fuels more coverage for groups like the BNP and UKIP, more and more ordinary people turn to the radicalism that will, in my view, destroy the openness and welcoming nature that makes Wales and other nations in the British Isles so awesome.

Yet to those who oppose the above dirt, what do we do?
Well, aside from the fact that some of us openly oppose these groups in public or on social media sites, the vast majority of us sit around hoping someone else will be the hero.

We know that groups like the EDL, the BNP and UKIP are wrong. We know their agendas are damaging to present and future cultures. We know that, thankfully, the vast majority of normality in our society criminalise these groups.

We are the good people here. We are those who do not cause a fuss.

And just like the good children who fear the bellowing voices of authority, we cower in the face of own dignity – our own right to say what we believe and what we perceive to be just and fair.
We promise that we will never stand up for our beliefs. We’ll leave that to the fascists and xenophobes of this world. Those who aim to harm.

The rest of us will fall in line.

Smiley face 🙂


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