Dear Britain First,

Exibit A:


Now you could either agree that this picture explains fully the hypocrisy of the United Kingdom (and therefore your very own xenophobic mannerisms) or….

You could set Wales free and independent from your ideal Britain.

But if you let us leave, you’ll only have an approximately 1% claim to be British.
(50,000,000 population of Saxon England / 500,000 population of British Cornwall = 100.
Saxon:British; 100:1).

Maybe you should just call yourself ‘Ignorant-Parts-of-England First?’
I anticipate that it won’t involve too many changes for your day-to-day regime.


Am y tro,

Smiley face 🙂

PS (That’s Latin)
RSVP (That’s French)
Either choose to heighten your ignorance and avoid a response or reply with genuine debate (and / or argument).

I await.


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