Help le mo Ghàidhlig….

I was watching BBC Alba last weekend and heard a beautiful song in Gaelic.
I have no idea as to its name nor writer etc but it was beautiful. Bha i glè-mhath!

The lyrics were displayed at the bottom of the screen and as I read them, I was pretty sure I could notice the Welsh poetic style of cynghanedd.
Overwhelmed and excited I quickly attempted to write down as much as I could read before the next line came on.
This is all I could manage:

Le fiamh air do
Mi mo bhát air an tiùrra
Bhuan thu don chridhe
Gaol sinn
Sheall thusa nam shùilean

Each new line is a different line from the song but some were repeated too.

It’s been bugging me since last week as to whether cynghanedd was present but after a Google search of the lyrics I have, I found nothing. I don’t even remember the name of the show I was watching!

If anyone can tell me from which song these lines are sung, or even show me a full set of lyrics, I’d be extremely grateful.

Tapadh leibh,

Smiley Gàidhlig singing face 🙂


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