After this year’s anniversary celebrations pack up for another 150 years, the club that unites half a nation will slip back into using its feather-donned crest.
Despite this, there are a few who believe that the crest is best displayed as follows;

An alignment of old and new, with the Cambrophobic feathers replaced by the Glyndŵr lions rampant. And a dabble of Cymraeg on the bottom for good measure.

The link between respecting Glyndŵr University’s part in the stabilising of our football club as well as a tidy throwback to the previous crest based on the arms of Wrexham;

Our petition does not aim to make the above pictures the new crest for the club, as bendigedig as that would be. It simply raises and promotes the case for a discussion on the current crest that many believe has a damaging effect on the self-esteem of not only Wrexham, but of the whole of North Wales who it represents.

And just as we are afforded the opportunity to share with you our thoughts and ideas, we remain open to your responses and replies – be they of support or of opposition.

All we ask is that you read our petition. We ask that you consider our views on why we wish to change the club crest and the feelings involved in us creating this petition. We ask that you listen to others who believe the crest should remain in its status quo. We ask then that you form your own outcomes having noted all sides of the discussion and, in support or in opposition, follow your own paths on potential outcomes.

When you’ve discovered your viewpoint and have covered all bases of discussion, we hope that you too will want to join in the cause to denounce links to a nationwide and confidence-sapping display of our region and our nation’s failure.
We hope that you follow the link below, enter your name, your email address and your postcode so that we might provide brighter coverage for those who believe in a brighter future for our club. Morally and culturally. On and off the field.

Our club. Our future. OUR CREST.

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