Plaid in Cardiff Bay – Labour in Westminster.

So many people to whom I’ve spoken say they’ll definitely vote Plaid in all Welsh Assembly elections but would rather punt for Labour in a Westminster election. Plaid in Cardiff Bay, Labour in Westminster. And, if I’m honest, I see the logic.

Keep a strong voice for Plaid and for Wales in Cardiff Bay and keep the Tories out of Westminster with a vote for Labour.

But times have changed. We have awoken and progressed.

In the past, I myself might have voted in a similar way to the above – but no more.
I believe voting Plaid in Welsh AND Westminster elections is the best way.
And here are my three main personal reasons:
  1. Plaid is the only party who will put Wales first. They represent the diverse needs of our nation and recognise the struggles it faces. If you can’t see this, chances are you’re probably not paying enough attention!
  2. Labour will need to join with other parties to win its majority in Westminster whether we vote Labour or Plaid for Wales’ seats. The chances are Labour will require the help of a progressive Plaid Cymru* to form a majority. If Plaid and Labour will be forming a government together anyway, why not fill a Welsh seat with an MP who will back Wales completely? Someone who will speak up for Wales in general – not just for the constituency seat they represent.
  3. Plaid has already proven that it opposes both austerity and the renewal of Trident. Labour has not done this.
A vote for Plaid in the coming election will probably not hinder an overall Labour majority.
Plaid in Cardiff Bay.
Labour (with more Welsh clout) in Westminster.
* Other progressive parties such as SNP, Mebyon Kernow and the English Greens are available.

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