Croeso i Loegr

“The world in union,

The world as one.”

Such famed and beautiful words that we’ll be careful to not take too literally at the moment.
The Rugby World Cup is well and truly upon us with the great tournament of sport and passion uniting us as people of the earth – sharing a common goal of friendly competition.

I might also add that the ‘world in union’ does not, however, refer back to a time when the people of England (under command of a greedy elite) destroyed 25% of the planet’s cultures, languages and traditions and called it all ‘Great Britain.’

But it seems that our Saxon friends from across Offa’s Dyke are once again looking to subtly steal a few hearts and minds into British submission.


For a small nation like Wales, the platform of the Rugby World Cup is a gateway to how we are perceived to the rest of our planet. It is with regret, therefore, that the only things of note I’ve so far taken from this year’s competition are the following:

  • Wales beat the hosts (and, according to the totally unbiased British media, champions elect), England in their own back yard – had to give that a quick mention!
  • The WRU is STILL adorned with a crest denouncing the freedom and dignity of our nation to our Danish / Norman / Anglo-Saxon overlords. ICH DEIN!
  • Cardiff is in England:

 But the Ashes already taught us that!

  • The royal family of England will literally sink to any level to ensure that mindless Welsh pr**ks line the streets with Union Rags and bunting when Wilhelm is finally crowned in Caernarfon as Prince of Wales. See article by Siôn Jobbins.

Anyway, let’s forget our egg chasing-friends for now. Bring on Andorra! I look forward to seeing old Prince Wilhelm supporting Bale & co. in ANOTHER seat for which I’ll have paid as he sarcasticly dons ANOTHER Wales sports jacket for which I’ll have paid. I somehow doubt it.

Smiley face 🙂


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