The Manx Code

Until I was around 18, reading novels at my own leisure was sadly not something I did…. at all!

It was only after my mother suggested Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ that I watched the film and read the book – both in the space of a fortnight.

So what, you’ll most definitely be asking?

Well, as someone who always ended up giving up on books because I’d get lost and lose the path of the story, seeing the film’s adaptation really laid down the journey of the story making it easier for me to follow. It may well have simply been my interest in the content, but I believe the motion picture set me up nicely to fly through the book…. and 10 days remains a record for me finishing any novel of that particular length.


Users of Facebook will be all too familiar with the way we’re given a snapshot into our social media activity from years gone by each and every day. Kind of an ‘on this day‘ sort of thing.

Rarely do I take much notice but today I felt the need for a browse. I came across the following video that I shared on this day back in 2013:

Aside from being super cool, this video really got me thinking as I remembered back to when I read Dan Brown’s popular novel.

I’m sure, as [Celtic] language enthusiasts, we would always prefer to place the native language first in any bilingual post, video or article etc. But familiarising myself with the content in my native language of English first made my broken knowledge of Manx much more able to understand the Gaelic version. I picked up so many more words, phrases and sentence structures than I’m sure I would have had the Manx been before the English.

Interesting point, me thinks. Maybe I should be putting English first in my bilingual Facebook status updates from now on!?!



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