Diolch, Brian

I’m sure, at least I hope, that you’ve had the chance to read Brian Bilston’s powerful and masterful poem entitled ‘Refugees.’
Here’s a link to read it.
A simple idea coupled with a clever set of lines and suggestions, this poem epitomises the vast differences in views about refugees. For me, it also epitomises the fact that all of humanity has a great deal in common – a lot more than makes us different.

As I read through the words again and again I couldn’t help but start to fit the lines into how the Welsh language is perceived nowadays.

It is not deserving of our attention
So do not tell me
This ageing language could belong to you and I
Should life have dealt us a different hand
We would see it for what it truly is
Pointless and a waste of money
Annoyingly forced down our throats
With sneakiness up its sleeves
A medium for gossiping behind backs
It is not
Welcome here
We should make it
Fall into the depths of the forgotten
It cannot
Share our conversations
Share our homes
Share our country
Instead let us
Strive to keep it out
It is not okay to say
This language is a part of us
A language should only survive if it’s global
Do not be so stupid to think that
Welsh can be looked at another way

(Now read from bottom to top)



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