Getting back into the swing of things.

Sometimes, as a professional blogger, it’s hard to find something cool and interesting about which to write. Many might argue that throughout the 150 or so blogs and articles etc that I’ve uploaded to this site in the past few years, I’m STILL searching for something cool and interesting about which to write!
As all bloggers will tell you, it can be very frustrating when that spark of enthusiasm or interest fails to materialise – I’m sure the same can be said of most people who write as a hobby and/or as a profession.

To be honest, it gets me down and even worries me when my inspirations go through a patch of silence. It’s as if you force yourself to think of an idea that’ll draw out 800-or-so words to post and edit and share online on the topic of ‘whatever.’ For me personally, no good comes from pressuring myself to find inspiration. Inspiration is a random act that materialises in the most disorganised of circumstances. It just ‘hits you.’

In my recent desperation I’ve re-read my own blogs (as usual), read blogs of others (as usual) and even tuned in to ‘mainstream’ radio (something I NEVER do) in the hope of an apple plonking me on the head. Alas, nothing.

I toyed with the idea of another plea to get residents of Wales to use ‘DIOLCH’ instead of ‘thanks’ in all situations and circumstances in daily life. I toyed with writing my first blog in Gaelic, or my second in Irish or Manx, or my third in Cornish. I toyed with a short story with an inspirational message.

So this morning I tried a new tactic – one so new that I’m sure I must’ve done it before (at least subconsciously) at some point. I scrolled through my recommended YouTube videos.

Since 7 o’clock this morning I’ve watched Adrian Cain’s 15 minute lecture for TEDx Douglas on the Manx language, a couple of short videos on the opinions of Irish Gaelic in the British-occupied part of the Emerald Isle, some footage of old GameBoy games, Tyson Fury’s latest publicity stunt claiming he’s fat and an interview with former Liverpool FC manager, Brendan Rogers, on how he met with the new incoming boss for a chat at his house. Now I look at the list in front of me, I realise they’re probably in order (most to least) of which ones might afford me a chance at some sort of inspiration to write something. Even so, still nothing!

I kept scrolling and noticed a parody video which uses footage from Ross Kemp On Gangs which is dubbed over with accents like South Walian, Cockney and Scouse in an attempt to pretend that people who claim to be part of gangs in the British isles are on a par with those of Southern America. You kind of have to watch it! I’ve seen a few – they’re rather funny.

Thinking this morning that to watch a Scouse Ross Kemp would in no way aid in my quest for blogging inspiration (and also because it’s not quite funny enough to risk waking Angharad), I didn’t open the video. The video’s thumbnail, however, did catch my eye. It was a still of Kemp chatting with a group of masked youths somewhere in Eastern Europe. Entitled ‘Gangs of Liverpool,’ the video implied that the masked boys were in fact from Merseyside and because of this, I couldn’t help but put on my best Jamie Carragher accent to read the still’s subtitles: “Whole lot of bulls**t, that!”
For a minute, this blog was supposed to develop into how some dialects of Celtic languages place the word ‘that‘ at the end of clauses and sentences rather than conventionally placing it at the beginning. I wanted to touch on the linguistic effect of Irish, Scottish and Welsh influences on the language used in Liverpool (or on the flip side, maybe even the effect Liverpool’s dialect had on the native Celtic languages that made a home in Liverpool?!).

Instead I took, once again, to waffling and quickly found myself a few hundred words over the limit of most people’s attention spans at, what is now, 9 o’clock on a Sunday morning.

Linguistics another time, perhaps?


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