Wales is not a rough place. You’re more likely to be bleated at by a sheep than attacked for a tenner. The worst you’ll get round these parts is a bunch of ignorant losers changing from English to some weird, native language when you walk into a pub on the west coast. That’s it!

Gone are the days of die-hard freedom fighters asking the way to Abaty-cwm-hir before being whisked away to a secret training camp to use munitions supplied by Irish people with a similar dream for their own nation. MAC and the FWA, despite being taken seriously by our government and media (same thing) overlords down in London, never really came to much. After the protests of the 1960s, Wales retreated back to its submissive, Stockholm-syndrome state as it had done for 750 years previous. It has been there ever since.

But it seems someone somewhere knows something I don’t. Being a proud supporter of a potential independent Welsh state, I’d have thought I’d have at least had some sort of secret invitation to a secret meeting regarding the establishment of a secret group of freedom fighters. Alas, my Twitter inbox remains empty. When was I to be informed that Wales had been producing her own ‘terrorists?’ Terrorists presumably intent on the recapture of the lands known as Cymru and the establishment of her as a sovereign nation in her own right.

As much as it may be unfortunate that I missed the memo rounding up a league of brave Welsh souls intent on recapturing the sovereignty of this nation, I have not missed the reaction and response of the British and Europeans to these emerging Cambro-extremists.

It wasn’t too long ago that the UK government branded those wielding the flag of Glyndŵr as ‘extremists.’ Alarm bells were raised for me when I heard this news and I knew then there were only two possible reasons for this:

1. The UK government was taking more steps in enforcing Britishness upon all of Mrs Windsor’s subjects or,

2. this was a blatant attempt to stamp out the embers of a re-emergence of MAC / FWA.

My head went with the first option.
This morning, however, a friend of mine brought this article to my attention. Here’s a quotation from it;

The Welsh flag appears on a list of flags banned from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Other flags on the list – apparently published in draft form by mistake – include that of Islamic State.

The Welsh flag appearing on a list of banned flags including the banner of the Islamic State? This, for me, was proof that those in positions of power view Wales and her heraldic symbols as extremists. The secret of the MACwaffer has been exposed. The Brits and Europeans are on to us!

So the next time you encounter a ‘harmless’ sheep, it may well be a cunning disguise for a Welsh extremist looking to take back Wales from the jaws of British rule. Look the f**k out.


PS Can someone please resend the memo? Diolch.

PPS Do I still vote YES to remain part of the EU? Or is the media merely drawing attention to this fact to make people dislike Eurovision and then, for some reason, dislike the European Union which might push through a Brexit leading to decreased funding for Celtic areas of the British isles but a much-improved economy for the areas of South East England and the City of London so they can all sail around on yachts all day and laugh at the rest of us who are forced to make do with underfunding in health, culture, education and much more?


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