Live in Hope

You can tell it’s half term….

Once again I’ve dragged Angharad (recently my fiancée 👍) to another site where the proportion of visitors that are sheep far out-weigh the number of any humans taking an interest – although this is Wales so I’m doubting any raised eyebrows here!

Moel Tŷ Uchaf has been perched atop what (to me, at least) seems to be the remnants of an Iron Age hill fort. The neolithic stone circle (or, more likely, kerb stones surrounding a now lost cist and cairn) would have outdated any Iron Age activity proving the site’s significance across the ages. The steep, mile-long incline was definitely worth my newly-diagnosed asthma.

But alas, I too must kerb (see what I did there?) my enthusiasm for this wonderful site. For visiting Moel Tŷ Uchaf was not my only accomplishment this February.

For 15 years, Adam Phillips (of the Cambria Band) has been celebrating the liberation of the villages of Hope and Caergwrle by Owain Glyndŵr’s forces from the appalling Penal Laws imposed on their people by Henry IV of England. The parade marches annually from Hope up to Caergwrle Castle every year in late February to mark the occasion and words are shared at the summit of the castle’s mound.

Last year I was dragged to say some ad lib words amidst the fierce winds. This year, I came prepared with a script (text and video here) to accompany the wonderful weather we were so lucky to have.

I spoke of Wales’ ‘dark ages’ under foreign rule and how, to paraphrase Bobby Sands, the current population of our nation will only be remembered within the laughter of our children. When Wales eventually awakens from its political slumber and takes back control of matters surrounding the people who live here, I hope a thought is spared for those who maintained the flame of belief.

Yma o hyd a chodwn ni eto.

I suppose I can liken the political ash-ridden embers of Wales’ current situation to another passion of mine to which I’ve also afforded some of my time this half term…. CPD Wrecsam.

Yes, we lost this weekend but I’m definitely noticing the positive attitude and direction the team is going on the pitch. After a tough 9 years out of the Football League and an even tougher year-or-so enduring what has been dubbed by some as the club’s “worst ever squad,” the phoenix is rustling her feathers once again…. just not the feathers on our badge, one hopes!

Yma o hyd a chodwn ni eto.
We’re still here and we will rise again.

Well, we all live in Hope, don’t we?

Or at least march though it every February.



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