The Separatists

Since taking a lot more interest in the vast benefits on offer via an independent Wales, my eyes have opened to wondrous ideas, potentials and prosperous eventualities.

I must admit, a few years ago I’d have been at the front of the queue to question Wales’ potential flight as a sovereign state in its own right, but the myths of us being a nation that’s ultimately too poor, too small, Plaid-only led and inward-looking have been totally debunked by simply opening my mind and my discussions to the hard facts.

It’s clear to me now that, even though the path to independence will be long and difficult (and not without a Millenium Stadium full of elbow grease from all) our nation will emerge as a successful member of the world community.

As I’ve always said, discussion is the key; discussions that hold no patience for petty name-calling and bias; but discussions that pave the way to forming an equal society…. even before independence is won.

During these discussions I have heard of apprehensions and uncertainties that plague the minds of many who, in truth, would be proud to see Wales earn its own stripes in the world.

There are more closet fans of Welsh independence than one might think!

One such apprehension is the view that supporters of Welsh independence are simply “separatists” trying to disjoin the UK and the status quo. This could not be further from the truth.

Wales does not wish to be ‘separate.’ And, as lovely as the weather might be, no one wishes to take a giant angle grinder along Offa’s Dyke to float towards the Azores. We’re still too angry with Portugal’s 2-0 victory over us in Euro 2016 for that!!

An independent Wales does not seek passport control along the border. It doesn’t seek to stop people identifying as British (Wales and Cornwall are the original Britons after all!) if they wish. It doesn’t mean that people like me must suddenly accept my mother as ‘foreign’ just because she was born in Chester – we’re not all lucky enough to be born in God’s own country, after all!

I, like many, see an independent Wales sharing close links with the independent constituent nations of the British isles. Businesses, home buyers, day trippers and everyone in between can all continue to live, work and play freely in these islands.

So what’s the point then?

It’s about self rule. It’s about having people spend all their time working for Wales in government – rather than some people working some of the time in Westminster.

It’s about bringing all minor and major decisions regarding all the people who call Wales their home closer to that home.

It’s about voting for our own people to run our own services without the bureaucracy of Westminster’s red tape. I’d sooner moan at 60 politicians in Cardiff representing 3,600,000 people than 450 in Westminster attempting to serve 60 million.

It’s about a fairer society for all.

Much like the word ‘nationalist,’ ‘separatist‘ has been attached to many nations (like the Basque Country) who simply wish to do as many Welsh people wish to do – tread their own path as an independent nation. It’s a tactic employed by many a state attempting to maintain a colonial, imperial past and/or attempting to grab what they can from many a defeated people.

This stops with independence.


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