Stuff YesCymru

I’ve been working hard lately to share why I believe Wales will be better off as an independent nation.I’ve taken to social media, blogging, setting up groups, distributing leaflets and other visuals, talking to friends and family, making visuals and ordering stickers.
The last one was the most fun. I love stickers!

Becoming a part of such an exciting, progressive and fast-growing movement has opened my eyes to many things…. not least about Wales true position in this state often referred to as a union.

It’s great to find out that when you discuss YesCymru with others, most of them are fully supportive but one of the best things about spreading the word is hearing people’s fears. It’s good to talk as much about the challenges we will face as it is to discuss the vast benefits.

Becoming independent is a big ask and will require a lot of hard work….

Actually, wait. It will be hard work.

I mean REALLY hard.

What’s so bad about becoming England anyway? That’s how we’re referred to around the world as it is.

Let the Scots go and the Irish unite. If they want to work hard to have what Wales already gets England to do for us then fine.

It’s a bit like renting or buying a house. Yeah it’s nice to know you own the place but it’s way nicer to wake up to no hot water, phone up your landlord, get no answer, try again after a few days of cold showering, hear back from landlord, be told it’ll be fixed in a week, wait a week, plumber’s a day late, then tada! New shower for free.

Who wouldn’t want that? So much easier.
Anyway, what has Wales ever done? What have we given the world?

The equals sign and Gareth Bale? Great!

And think about it. Look at how Wales is currently sold off as a theme park for day-trippers. That’s all we have to offer anyhow.

Oh and free prescriptions – always handy for encouraging retirees from England with no clue of Wales’ heritage or culture to settle here. London doesn’t need to be clogged up zimmer frames and paracetamol. Bring them here. Yes they take affordable housing opportunities away from Wales’ young people but we need to encourage our youth to leave. Spread their wings. There’s bugger all here anyway!

It’s not like we can change anything, anyway. Scotland gets dragged into governments for whom England votes, Wales acually votes with England!

Actually, yeah….
Stuff YesCymru!

Think I might carry on being a sheep. Laying down and doing as I’m told. Waiting for handouts to keep me alive until I’m kebab meat.

Aye, let’s go with that.


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