Geiriau / Words

In the 6th century, the people of our nation carved names into stone and lamented great battles in song. Towards the end of the first millennium AD, our chieftains and princes scribed globally-pioneering laws. The early part of the second millennium saw religious leaders finally put stories of ancient heroes onto the pages of great manuscripts. In the late 16th century, a band of learned people took advantage of the printing press and made Welsh one of first ever languages to be printed into books. In recent times, chairs and crowns are awarded to our finest deserving poets writing in our native language.
Our proud past is full of words. Words, so simple at a glance, are all-powerful to our very core. All you need to do to continue this tradition of words, is speak them. Speak to friends, family and, well, anyone…. use them to discuss how our nation not only has the potential to succeed as an independent and sovereign state, but can once again be a global pioneer when run by people who live here and who understand its diverse needs best. We will ensure Wales takes its place in a world of equals when it is run by people like you and me. By us.

YesCymru am byth.


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