Yes Hyd Yma

Since becoming aware of politics I have held firm to the belief that Wales can and will be an independent nation.
I see an independent Wales as inclusive, welcoming, tolerant, dignified, friendly, progressive and, well, super cool! I see freedom to have our nation run FOR our people BY those lucky enough to call Wales their home.

I have enjoyed normalising the idea of Welsh independence around my local area (YesCymru Sir Fflint) via social media and face-to-face discussions. It has amazed me to see how much people are in support of the campaign in an area that has, in recent years, been a melting pot for non-Welsh-born residents. All it has taken is words.

I adore every opportunity to discuss Welsh independence and am looking forward to organising numerous events in the North East of Wales to ensure the hope of Welsh independence is normalised, discussed maturely and considered by all who call Wales their home.

Through healthy discussion, Welsh eyes opening. Right here, right now, Wales is the closest it has ever been to being an independent nation since Owain Glyndŵr. What’s more, tomorrow we’ll be a step closer again.

I look forward not only to seeing an inclusive, dignified and welcoming Wales, but I also look forward to giving Wales the worldwide stage it deserves to share such ideas which are unfortunately lacking in our modern world.

This is what’s so exciting about working towards an independent Wales and it’s why I’m so proud to be a part of it.


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