My response to language bigots – 95% Diplomatic / 5% F*ck it

After two amazingly successful street stalls in Colwyn Bay and Wrecsam supporting Welsh independence over the last few weeks (and all the wonderful, often surprisingly positive responses we received from both events), I told myself to refuse to be disheartened by two conversations in particular…. one at each event.

Either way, they (unfortunately) got to me enough to make me open up my blogging app on my phone and write about them.

On each occasion, despite beginning both conversations with 'Have you thought about an independent Wales?,' the response turned immediately to the Welsh language.
Perhaps coincidentally, both men were keen to share that they each knew Welsh speakers and had younger members of their respective families learning/speaking Welsh – therefore making them well placed to launch an unnecessary attack on a medium of conversation, it would appear….

Much like Sports Direct's latest call for English-only conversation in their shops and the prospect of a giant ring in Fflint glorifying Edward I's subjugation of Wales in the 13th century, I and many others have found ourselves once again defending our language, culture and heritage.

With blood rushing to my head and the prospect of winning the 'Welsh Bigot Bingo' in one single chat, I managed to notice a similarity between the two men wishing only to put down people's choice of language.
When I tried to diplomatically put across my point, I was told I wasn't allowing them to finish. Although it was completely fine for them to interrupt me when I found a chance to speak. It seems obvious that those who oppose the Welsh language simply wish to get off their chest all of their vacuous drivel at once and then walk away unopposed.

One particular point amused me.
The man in Wrecsam said he had decided to learn French instead of Welsh due to it being more useful. Despite this his response to 'ooh, parlez vous français?' was 'what?'
He even told me Latin was more useful than Welsh. Apparently he didn't understand me saying 'salve, ut vales?' either.

One may liken this whole experience to playing chess with a pigeon…. No matter how good your debate, these people are always going to end up defecating on the board and strutting around like they won!

To them, with my diplomacy and grace failing me, I say just because your archaic views of a monolingual, global empire being run by quislings in London dictate that you must despise those who do not choose to use the language of England's unelected head of state is no reason to go out of your way to moan about it.

Hearing a different language, and, sometimes being confronted with them, is bloody scary. Since attempting to learn multiple languages, each and every time I've felt uncomfortable. Being faced with someone saying words where I'm only able to comprehend some is daunting. I get it.
Asking for a hotel in Toulouse, chatting about Duolingo in Irish, enquiring about someone's proficiency in Breton…. only to be confronted with a wall of language that my abilities don't yet reach.

Essentially, it boils down to one's comfort zone. It's as simple as that.
Some people thrive on being out of their comfort zone. To those who do, I have nothing but commendation and envy for I am one who rather dislikes being out of my own comfort zone.
But, for me at least, life is about taking risks and pushing yourself you try something new – as scary as it may be. To open new doors to see what's on the other side.

If you don't support the Welsh language, why not get out of your comfort zone of monolingualism and GIVE IT A TRY. Get out of your comfort zone of excreting stupid reasons why you personally dislike that language and LISTEN to why people feel so strongly about it.
I'm not particularly a huge fan of religion but I don't round moaning to those who find solace and peace in their chosen religion. Do you know why? Because they find solace and peace in their chosen religion. It's theirs and it's as simple as that.

Seriously, either get back under your rock from whence you came or f*cking grow a pair of balls (or the female equivalent – even though it's only ever fat, old men who I ever notice moaning about Welsh) and pick up a book or spend 20 minutes on Wikipædia.

No I should NOT dwell on these two isolated incidents – and indeed they certainly do NOT take anything away from the welcoming responses we received regarding Welsh independence at the two events – but I suppose it was nice to get my thoughts across on language bigots without being interrupted.
And, with a bit of luck, those two men might read this article and think twice about attacking language. Provided they can actually read, of course!


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