Pokémon Coch (Welsh Red Version) – Latest

When something on which you’ve worked rather hard suddenly becomes a true reality that not only you yourself can enjoy but others too, it’s a rather lovely feeling.

For around a month now I’ve been working on translating Pokémon Red into Welsh and it’s going rather well. At a guess I’d like to say that there’s less than 100 phrases left to translate now so the end is nigh!

If you wish to play version 5, click on this link. Please note that any newer versions will only be posted on this link and will not be updated on this page.


As a thank you to those who’ve already downloaded the game (and given some wonderful feedback), here are two extra Easter eggs for players of the Welsh version.


After taking Elm’s package to Pallet Town, go back to the PokéMart in Viridian.Once there you should see free Master Balls as the fifth and final item.


Go over the bridge with the 5 trainers on it in Cerulean City which leads East towards Bill’s House. Instead of visiting Bill, take Route 9 to the East.

Just before the patch of water where you can sail to go to the Power Plant, search through the grassy area.

There are a few Spearows and Ekans hanging around but eventually you’ll bump into a level 150 Mewtwo.

Wouldn’t free Master Balls be handy about now?


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