Translation Service

Angen Cyfieithiad / Need a translation?

I am able to provide English to Welsh translations for all requirements. From formal documentation to everyday language – I am happy to discuss translation for all occasions.

Like many translation agencies, rates are usually calculated based on a charge per thousand words not by the individual word. For Welsh to English (et vice versa) translation the rate is £60 – 6p per word.

Should you require a quotation or would like to send a document to be assessed, please email

Profiad / Experience

GWYBODAETH A CHEFNDIR AMDAN FY HUN - Strive to be correct. Enjoyment. University. Continuous practice.

I’ve been enormously proud to have translated for many different types of businesses, groups, societies, individuals and more. Here is a list of the ones I can remember….;

  • Wrexham AFC
  • The Cooperative
  • Wrexham County Council
  • Flintshire County Council
  • Tai Clwyd
  • Various Local Businesses (websites, posters, statements)
  • North East Wales Heritage Forum
  • Duolingo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LimeWire
  • Leeswood Carnival Committee
  • The Celtic League (inc. Carn magazine)

Ieithoedd ar Gael / Languages Offered

Welsh always has and always will be my strength when it comes to translations but, as an avid learner of the other 5 living Celtic languages, I can also offer services translating to and from Breton, Cornish, Irish, Scots Gaelic and Manx. I would stress that despite great interest and constant reading of these languages, I would not class myself fluent in any and would recommend strongly that translations requested to and from them are recommended for personal use only and not for important / formal documentation. Should you wish for me to translate for formal purposes I would always recommend you have it proof read.

I’ve compiled a list of groups and individuals below who can point you in the right direction regarding translations of a non-personal nature. Given their devotion and love for their respective languages I’m sure they won’t mind this particular exposure:

  • Flag_of_Brittany_(Gwenn_ha_du).svg BREZHONEG / BRETON:
  • Flag_of_Cornwall.svg KERNEWEK / CORNISH:
  • Flag_of_Ireland.svg GAEILGE / IRISH:
  • Flag_of_the_Isle_of_Mann.svg GAELG / MANX: