Great laguage, this one. According to my lecturer in university who first taught me this language it’s the best Celtic language for Welsh-speaker to learn. Aside from the obvious similarities shared simply by the fact that they are both Celtic languages, there are grammatical similarities which are not noticed at first to the untrained eye. The use of ‘wedi’ and ‘air’ (in Welsh and Gaelic respectively) when forming the perfect tense was one that particularly grabbed my interest – to my knowledge, the other four living Celtic languages employ much different tactics in creating this tense.

I was appalled to think that were every Gaelic-speaker to take a seat in Wales’ national rugby stadium, there number of unoccupated seats would umber around 10,000. 1% of the Scottish population is grim reading for anyone passionate about Scotland’s Gaelic tongue – or simply passionate in languages. Despite this, the call for the teaching of the language is ever increasing and new life is constantly breathed into it.


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Tìr gun canan – tìr gun anam
A nation without a language is a nation without a soul

















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Cú Dhub…. nó Cù Dubh?

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